pirmdiena, 22. jūlijs, 2019
NGO "Jūrkante"
Smilšu iela – 9, Salacgrīva, Salacgrīvas novads, LV4033, Latvija

Logo +371 29427095,
Logo dzintra@jurkante.lv

Aim of the NGO "Jūrkante" is the sustainable and balanced development of Ainaži, Salacgriva,Liepeupe, Viļķene, Pāle and Skulte municipalities, as well as encouraging development of civil society through creation of formal and informal groups and active cooperation. NGO "Jūrkante" was founded in 2008.

We are working within European LEADER programme and with FARNET.

Facts and figures:

  • Population - 14159;
  • Area -  1153 km2.
  • Nr. of municipalities - 6

Main occupations:

  • Agriculture,
  • Aquacultures.



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